About Brick & Wonder

We are a curated community of real estate and design professionals.

We believe that exceptional work is achieved by working with exceptional people.

Brick & Wonder members get exclusive access to substantial business opportunities shared within the community. Members can build long term partnerships with talented and trusted colleagues who stand out in their respective fields.

Through association with an exceptional peer group, members will:

- Accelerate their careers and grow their businesses

- Find more meaning and joy in the work they do

- Receive the long-term rewards of creating opportunities, partnerships and outstanding work among top tier colleagues within their professional sphere

Megan Offner, New York Heartwoods, B&W Member

“Pay-it-forward is the new black”

Sam Eichblatt, Strategist, B&W Member

"The beauty of working with good people is that they just roll with it and turn unpredictability into gold."

Chip Brian, Contractor, B&W Member

“The most cherished projects are those that bring groups together, Architects, Designer, Contractors and subcontractors as well as independent makers to push the envelope and create living art."

Magdalena Keck, Interior Designer, B&W Member

“The people I work with are an endless source of inspiration; not only our clients but also the designers, craftsmen, and artists we consult on a daily basis.”