Making Brick & Wonder

We believe that better design is innovative, useful, honest and lasting. Better design is an essential part of every great experience. Most importantly, better design improves how we feel, think, interact and ultimately live our lives. 
This is why we created Brick & Wonder — a site that features a curated selection of meticulously designed homes for sale. 
We are one tiny part of a burgeoning movement focused on honest design and better living. Together, we believe in uncompromised, principled building. Together, we value true craftsmanship, smart processes, locally-sourced materials and a deliberate vision for improving quality of life.
Sure, there are plenty of other real estate-related platforms out there. But how many of them only showcase top-notch design that is also for sale? 
At Brick & Wonder, we promise to curate only the highest quality properties and share them with you. 


Is the property well built? We believe that craftsmanship is integral to quality architecture. Design is in the details and the details have to be refined. Real craftsmen do not cut corners, they deliver quality at every turn.


What is innovative about how the property was built? Was the design process thoughtful and meticulous? What philosophy was employed in the design process and how has the architect or builder pushed the craft of building forward? What can we learn?

Material Quality

Are materials locally sourced? Were good, solid, lasting materials used? Are they thoughtfully procured and intelligently designed to minimize environmental impact? We don't equate quality with cost, but inferior products do not last, which costs homeowners over time.


What efforts were taken to ensure long lasting quality for the home buyer and for the environment? Were quality materials used? Where there any innovations, new technologies and building methods employed?


What is special, magical or stirring about the property? Does the property evoke curiosity, desire or delight?