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Jason Brown

Real Estate Developer


Jason Brown is the Cofounder and Chief Creative Officer of real estate development company, Vita Foras and is also the Cofounder of the brand and marketing firm, Dan+Jason+Co.

With over 20 years of experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Innovation, Jason has applied his design capabilities to a broad range of spaces including graphic design, product design, environmental design and fashion. Although he has built a career as a Graphic Designer, his first love has always been architecture. Having had the opportunity to experiment with home design in his personal life, Jason has most recently envisioned Vita Foras—a modern cabin community project in the Catskill Mountains.

Born of immigrant, Jamaican parents and raised in Toronto, Canada, Jason credits this upbringing for his fundamental approach to design—a belief that the core principles of creating emotional experiences are transferable across platforms, and therefore designers should feel more empowered to venture outside of their lanes.