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Lydia Hummel

Design Entrepreneur


Lydia Hummel is a design-led change management expert, and founder of LRH212.  

A passionate advocate for design, Lydia is an innovative business strategist committed to creating lasting impact for some of the world’s best-known brands including Tiffany & Co., Converse, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Coach. Recognizing the power of design’s generative impact on revenue, Lydia has a proven agency to harness this potential, meet business imperatives and drive sustainable growth.   

Lydia is an expert at structuring lean, agile, and pioneering design studios with increased accountability and accelerated performance. She prospects, nurtures, and retains top talent as critical investment opportunities with exceptional potential to yield ambitious results. By disrupting existing operational paradigms, Lydia is uniquely able to ignite creative ideation, resulting in rapid concepting and reduced design cycles.   

In addition to working with design teams at an institutional level, Lydia has long worked independently with those in creative leadership positions in an insights-driven advisory capacity. Lydia’s impartial perspective and experience-based breakthrough thinking serve as catalysts for unlocking value and metabolizing creative energy into actionable strategy.

Lydia holds an MA in Design Management from the Pratt Institute and a BA in Interpersonal and Organization Communication from Eastern Michigan University, as well as a professional certificate in Landscape Design from the New York Botanical Gardens. An avid cyclist, muscle car collector, and opera enthusiast, Lydia splits her time between New York City and Rhode Island (where she plans for future beekeeping ventures and via ferrata expeditions).