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Maria Camarena

Furniture Designer


Maria is co-founder of SinCa Design, a furniture design studio of meticulously designed and handcrafted wood furniture made to order. Each piece of the collection, as well as the special commissions, utilizes traditional woodworking elements humbly giving space to the inherent aesthetics of the craft and the function of the object.

All of the pieces are designed and manufactured by Maria and her husband Dave Sinaguglia at SinCa’s workshop located within a historic 1850 farmhouse in Tolland CT. The synergy between past and present in the space is a direct influence in their design strategy and aesthetic.

Maria started her career as an industrial designer in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she founded her first furniture design studio, and then obtained an MFA in Furniture Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Through her work she has developed a detailed knowledge of manufacturing, materials, and project management.

Working side by side with clients, she connects through an understanding of shapes, colors, and lifestyles. The results are straightforward objects that are thoughtfully designed, pairing form and function to reflect the soul of the homes in which they will dwell.