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Susan Clark

Furniture Supplier

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Radnor is built on an ethos of accessible, elevated living. We believe that being surrounded by well-made objects significantly improves the quality of life, and we strive to enable more people to enjoy the texture and depth of handmade products in their homes. Dedicated to high-quality materials and natural production processes, Radnor seeks out and supports designers who create unique, mindfully-made objects. In addition to carrying a carefully curated selection of lighting, furniture, and collectables, Radnor works collaboratively with designers to create exclusive Radnor Made and Radnor Represented product lines. These limited-run collections launch seasonally in specially designed retail spaces around the world.

Radnor was founded by Susan Clark in 2016 with the mission of fostering a community around meticulously made handcrafted products. Radnor’s foundation is based on Susan’s belief in the power of community and collaboration, and in the discoveries that are made possible through openness and exchange.