Filmmaker Profile: Brais Revaldería


Brais Revaldería, a Brick & Wonder member, is a filmmaker based in New York. He has played with video and still cameras since he was a child, watching the world through the frame of a viewfinder as he grew up.

His company, Cinexin is the second of three different production companies he has founded in the last ten years. “I always thought I would get farther flying free, creating my own business and making it happen,” he explains.

Working with his partner, Ricardo Perez, Revaldería makes commercials, music video and branded content videos serving clients in Madrid and NYC. “Ricardo thinks the same way I do, works the same way I do... We could have a different opinion about how to approach a project but we are on the same page in terms of being clear that what matters is the project itself and getting the best product for our client. You need to have a strong and solid relationship with your business partner in order to make things happen,” Revaldería laughs.

Though the move to New York from Madrid was a bold leap, the duo behind Cinexin quickly found their feet and worked up to shooting major projects for clients like Mercedes, Gatorade, I Love NY, Chivas, Saks 5th Ave and more.

Revaldería also has a hand in another production company, CABN Collective, focused on pushing the capabilities of immersive virtual reality storytelling. “At CABN, I work with Marcel Arsenault and Daniel Poler, two amazing creatives that always stay positive in order to get the job done. We all come from different disciplines, bringing diverse points of view to each project,” Revaldería says. “Recently we released the first 360 live show at CABN collective, called OUT to LUNCH which was really exciting.”

Filmmaking is a highly collaborative process, often involving partnerships with other studios and teams to bring about project success, so membership of platforms like Brick & Wonder help when it comes time to the search for possible partners. “Collaboration in my business is vital. At Cinexin and CABN we often collaborate with other production companies to explore new possibilities that fast-evolving technology is giving us everyday.”