Shade Vendor Profile:
Nicole Scheinholz


Nicole Scheinholz’s job at J Geiger is to build delight. As the Director of Client and Employee Experience of the custom-shade manufacturer J Geiger, Nicole is tasked with developing programs that make a customer’s experience seamless.

Seamlessness is J Geiger’s driving philosophy. Their shades are designed to be compact when they are rolled up, and unobtrusive when they are lowered. Their hardware--strictly functional--is stunning in its simplicity. “We like to say that we make no ugly parts, so we have nothing to hide!” says Nicole of the product.

No ugly parts - these shade mounts disappear elegantly into their setting

That same transparency characterizes J Geiger’s approach to customer service, where collaboration is the name of the game. “My job is to get people thinking about shades as early as possible. Our system has a minimalist design to begin with, but when an architect or designer thinks up front about how they want the shades to be incorporated, the integration is even more subtle.”

Sleek and minimal shades work with even the most contemporary spaces

More than two years into her tenure at J Geiger, Nicole marvels at how exciting it can be to be selling something as “common sounding” as shades, which too often fall low on the list of priorities in the grand scheme of a project.

Inside mount banded shades adhering to the aesthetic of this paired back bathroom

Nicole’s background as an accessories designer should come as no surprise. She understands how design can enhance the everyday. It’s that conviction--and yes, window treatments--that she’s selling. With a designer’s sensibility, she crafts experiences for customers.