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This house was created by ArchiBlox, a Melbourne studio specializing in modular buildings. Given its Southern Hemisphere location, the linear design maximizes northerly aspects and ventilation. The living area connects with the outdoors, creating a space that feels larger than its footprint.

ArchiBlox gave this beachfront house a plant-covered roof to help it blend into its clifftop setting. Avalon House is situated on one of the sandstone cliffs overlooking Avalon Beach, 30 miles north of Sydney. The planted roof also minimizes rainwater runoff and adds thermal mass to insulate the interior. Rain falling on the roof is directed into a 7,500-liter above-ground storage tank so it can be used for irrigation. The house accommodates two bedrooms and a spacious living room, despite its compact floor area of just 1,100 sq ft.

Photographs Courtesy of Michael Wickham.