Upcycle House

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Up-Cycle House is a home for those who admire bold and inventive ideas and care about their impact on the environment. An example of up-cycling in architecture, this house has the potential to be recognised as a ‘changemaker’: it demonstrates that with creativity and good design principles a house can be rescued and turned into a functional and delightful family home with a ‘closed-loop zero-waste ethos’.

Up-Cycle House is a freestanding three-bedroom, two-bathroom house located in the Blue Mountains. Completed in April 2017, Up-Cycle House addresses the question of what happens to a house when it reaches the end of its lifecycle. Indeed, instead of demolishing the building, architect and owner Alexander Symes has up-cycled the house to create a sustainable and functional design.

The structure is predominately insulated brick having a flat metal roof and it incorporates eco technologies as architectural features. The Solar Pergola at the entrance provides shelter and generates power from the 1kw grid inter-tie porto-voltaic system; the northern bedrooms have manually operated window vents; and the new owner may consider the future addition of a green roof.