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Review: Image Secrets Roundtable

On Thursday, May 28th, we held our Members’ Roundtable “Image Secrets: How to Create and Utilize Imagery”. Members were invited to share and discuss the challenges they have faced in communicating their company image in the way they want to.

Video & Audio Recap:

Brick & Wonder Members can download a video recap and audio recap from our private community site.

Key Insights:

You can’t ‘set it and forget it’, you need to be iterative in creating a perfect [brand] image.

Brand Communications Designer – Timestamp: 0:17:26

Look carefully at the project, look at the story you’re trying to tell, and then pick a photographer after that to be strategic about where you are trying to place the story.

Publicist – Timestamp: 0:19:17

I’m trying to photograph volume and depth, not just elevations. I’m trying to shoot the air in the room – not looking at it, but being in it.

Photographer – Timestamp: 0:24:46

… there is a sense of trust that clients associate with big, luxurious spaces on Madison Avenue and in Soho. [Without a space] … we are working on conveying the message of trust in other ways.

Furniture Supplier – Timestamp: 0:41:58

When you do have a potential client, get them away from the website quickly and start feeding them focused pdfs that speak to their specific project.

Photographer – Timestamp: 1:04:00

The perception is that, as a creative services shop, you are doing creative work all the time. But really over 50% is asking the right questions to pull out the strategic goals and the aesthetic desires.

Brand Communications Designer – Timestamp: 1:18:00

[Finding the right clients] is about how they engage with you. They stop thinking about the style and the project types, and think instead about the relationship they want to have going through the process.

Architect – Timestamp: 1:21:07

Publications don’t want to publish something that is already all over the internet, because it diminishes their point of view.

Publicist – Timestamp: 1:25:07

Roundtable Co-Leaders:

Scott Frances – Photographer

Scott Frances is an internationally recognized architectural and interiors photographer based in New York City. His work is distinguished for its cinematic style and the artful incorporation of everyday people and professional models into his images. His techniques, including working almost exclusively with natural light, result in an unusually powerful level of realism, depth, and atmosphere.

Christine Abbate – President, Novita PR

Prior to founding Novità in 1996, Christine was Director of Marketing & Promotion for the Italian Tile Center, Italian Trade Commission. Passionate about products and events, she has extensive experience in PR, marketing, trade show/event planning, and design competition management.

James Sanderson – Principal, Studio Sanderson

James uses creativity to solve problems for businesses, places, and people. He believes in developing new products and services that aren’t just about creating more stuff but about creating a better reality. James has stood at the intersection of business and design for most of his career working to use design to communicate business ideas into meaningful consumer and user actions.