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Roundtable Review: Gaining Influence Through Thought Leadership

Roundtable Review: Gaining Influence Through Thought Leadership

David Adjaye is a British architect born in Tanzania in 1966. He established Adjaye Associates (of which he is the..

  1. David Adjaye

    David Adjaye is a British architect born in Tanzania in 1966. He established Adjaye Associates (of which he is the..
  2. Drew Lang

    Drew Lang is the founding principal of Lang Architecture. He earned a Master of Architecture from Yale University and is..
  3. Joel Robare

    Joel Robare brings his background in business management, marketing, sales, and interior design to Gabellini Sheppard’s new business and...
  4. Gabriel Smith

    Gabriel Smith is a Director at Thomas Phifer and Partners in New York City where he has helped build the..
  5. Preeti Sriratana

    Preeti has over 10 years of experience in commercial architecture and served as one of the original Senior Designers of..
  6. Todd Sigaty

    Todd Sigaty is the Chief Legal Officer at SHoP Architects. It was founded to harness the power of diverse expertise..
  7. Nina Cooke John

    Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Nina has always been inspired by the creativity she witnessed in her homeland: the art of..
  8. Trey Trahan

    “Architecture is beyond buildings. It’s about arriving at a place where you believe that architecture can create an attitude of..
  9. Karin Payson

    Karin Payson is the principal architect of Karin Payson Architecture + Design (KPa+d), a design-oriented, San Francisco-based firm with...
  10. Antony Cestra

    Antony Cestra is a Design Architect and Entrepreneur driven by his passion for making the world a better place. Antony..
  11. Pérez Palacios

    PPAA, Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados, is an architecture studio founded by Pablo Pérez Palacios in 2016 in Mexico City. Pablo..
  12. Elizabeth Graziolo

    Elizabeth Graziolo is the award-winning founder and principal of Yellow House Architects in New York City, a collaborative-minded practice...
  13. John Patrick Winberry

    As the founding partner, chief wrangler, and architect at UP, JPW finds the genesis of a new project to be..
  14. Sarah Zames

    Sarah grew up in Northwest Connecticut and has been living and designing in New York City and Los Angeles for..
  15. Cass Calder Smith

    Cass Calder Smith established the architectural firm that bears his name in 1992. Born in 1961, Smith earned his Bachelor..
  16. Angelique Pierre

    Angelique is a senior project architect at Anik Pearson Architect, where she has managed many of the firm’s largest residential..
  17. Peter Zuspan

    Bureau V creates innovative architecture that challenges cultural norms and creates vital new destinations. Founded in 2007 and led by..
  18. Côme Ménage

    Côme Ménage , AIA, NCARB, CPHD Côme is a licensed architect in the states of NY, NJ and in Europe...
  19. Jonah Kaplan

    At Workshop/APD are architects, interior and product designers working hand-in-hand to realize one-of-a-kind interiors, exteriors and...
  20. Aliya Khan

    Aliya Khan is Vice President of Design, Global Design Strategies at Marriott International. With more than 20 years of experience,..
  21. Brian Butterfield

    Brian is a New York and Los Angeles based architect and exhibition designer. Brian spent 10 years working at cultural..