Brick & Wonder is Evolving


The real estate & design industry is traditionally comprised of highly specialized but deeply siloed individuals and teams. Getting work done requires many different teams to come together and collaborate intensely for long periods of time. With tight margins, pressured deadlines and enormous financial and physical risk, the work is difficult to do well.

Teams working on one residential, commercial or hospitality project might include investors and developers, real estate brokers, architects and general contractors, interior designers, lighting designers and millworkers. Bigger projects include brand designers, copywriters, photographers, 3D rendering specialists, publicists, marketers and more.

The Real Estate & Design industry's siloed structure can make these collaborations painful and cumbersome.

The industry's siloed structure can make these collaborations painful and cumbersome. Delivering outstanding work within this framework is as much art as it is science.

The best buildings, whether they serve residential, commercial or hospitality needs, are created by teams that appear to have some kind of secret sauce oiling the works of this complex machinery. We believe that secret sauce is a collaborative mindset, and a structured method for coming together in close alignment that allows teams to share goals and stay aligned, in spite of the massive challenges that every project involves.

When we set out to build Brick & Wonder, our intention was to bring together top professionals in the real estate & design industry, facilitating them in finding one another, building deep relationships and engaging on projects together collaboratively and with trust.

In order to facilitate the kind of collaboration and professional growth we want our members to achieve, we have decided to shift gears and focus specifically on serving the needs of our core members.

This change is designed to make Brick & Wonder much more focused, more exclusive and much, much more valuable to a smaller group of professionals.

All members will now be required to pay annual subscription fees, but perhaps more importantly, members will need to meaningfully commit their time to experience the full benefits of building their network among curated Brick & Wonder colleagues.

You can read about Brick & Wonder membership here and decide whether you'd like to join. This new membership format and pricing will roll out at the end of October 2019.

We are excited about these changes, and feel confident this focus will yield exponential value for professionals who join us for the next chapter!

If you have any questions or you'd like to discuss joining under the new membership program, please get in touch.