Brick & Wonder Selects: December Inspiration


Closing out a truly incredible first year of growing our talented community, we bring you a few choice morsels that kept our grey matter soothed with inspiration during the busy last month of 2018.

If you love a good restoration project, you're bound to enjoy Hunt Slonem's new book Gatekeeper: World of Folly, (Assouline, $85). Slonem, a painter for 45 years, has reached a nexus in the grand arc of his artistic career where his very existence has become his art. And that extends to the "three or four"(!) historic homes he's bought and restored in his colorful and eclectic style. Full interview over at Galerie.

Hunt Slonem, at (one of) his homes. Photo by Luigi Cazzaniga.

The food and art lovers among you will love this "intentionally hyperbolic" (read: impossible) project.

In 2017, ex New Yorker editor John Donohue stopped by longtime Tribeca restaurant, The Odeon, not for the revered steak frites, but to sketch the restaurant itself. It was sometime during the making of this 20 minute sketch that the idea struck Donohue to try and draw every restaurant in New York. Which is 24,000 restaurants, give or take the dozens that open or shutter every month. Still, by his calculation, drawing all of them could be possible, with a time limit of 20 minutes per sketch. Unfortunately that doesn't account for transport time or sleep, let alone stopping in for an appetizers. Impossible it may be, but the goal and the results so far are nonetheless delightful. (Via Corcoran).

Balthazar - Sketch by John Donohue

If you need something relaxing to watch as you ease your way out of 2018 and into the holidays, you could do worse than than this new art film by Moscow artist Maxim Zhestkov.

Zhestkov’s work imagines new forms, bringing together digital graphics, art, design and video, often presenting these forms in fictional but recognizable spaces, like the gallery setting he uses here. See more of Zhestkov's work here.

If you're the kind of type-A person who is already scribbling lists of resolutions and just can't wait to bite into the big juicy apple of 2019, then you might want to think about setting yourself a BHAG - or Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.

In the words of Inc. Editor-at-Large Leigh Buchanan, "Leadership expert Jim Collins says that in 1994 when he and his co-author, Jerry Porras, were writing the seminal book Built to Last, they debated what to call ambitious long-term goals that galvanize successful companies. Porras favored something businesslike and decorous, like “corporate mission.” Collins held out for a term that vividly conveyed the excitement, energy, and envelope-pushing boldness stirred up by such endeavors. He prevailed, and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) came galumphing into the management lexicon." Full interview here.

Leadership & Management Expert, Jim Collins

On the other hand, if 2018 has left you feeling a little fragile and you're now in the mood for total escape, you might appreciate something a little more... remote. Like this incredible cabin. Mapping out your management theme for 2019 not your style? Try following designer Charles Bello's advice and let 2019 "flow and take on its own form." If your year ends up anything like as satisfying as this design, you'll do alright.

Wishing you a very happy Holidays from the Brick & Wonder team!