Brick & Wonder Selects:
Inspiration in May

MAY 17TH, 2018

This week we're launching a new series called Brick & Wonder Selects. In this series we'll present podcasts, videos, Instagram feeds, products and stories we've discovered that inspire us. We hope you'll enjoy them too!

"Diverse groups are more creative. They feel more uncomfortable, and that discomfort motivates them to do extra preparation and share new information." - Adam Grant

What We're Listening To:
The Problem With All-Stars, from Work Life by Adam Grant

What We're Reading:
The Line Connects by Wes Jones, Uncube Magazine

What We're Watching:
How to Start a Movement, by Derek Sivers

Instagram Obsession:
Accidentally Wes Anderson

Product We Love:
Classiky - Oval Leather Case, from Nalata/Nalata

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