Brick & Wonder Selects
August Inspiration


What We're Watching:

Riffing on our theme of building community and creating opportunity, we love this TED talk, from organizational psychologist Tanya Menon, on the importance of second degree networks. We often find ourselves stuck in narrow social circles with similar people. So what are the habits that confine us, and how can we break them? Menon considers how we can be more intentional about expanding our social universes, and how this can lead to new ideas and opportunities. As it happens, that is what the Brick & Wonder member community is all about!

Tanya Menon on Expanding our Social Universes

What We're Reading:

From time to time, we like to remind ourselves that ideas are just a multiplier of execution. When we're in need of something a little less pithy, Alain de Botton's thoughtful, imaginative writing offers a pleasant break from thinking about work, inviting us to consider the less-important stuff - like why Scandinavian's have such impeccable taste. (Here's some great Scandinavian influence being put to good use in Amagansett.)

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, with photography by Brick & Wonder member, Matthew Williams

Instagram Obsession:

Ever get a sense of déjà vu when you're flipping through Instagram? Well, it's not you...

Our latest Instagram obsession offers a gentle reminder to laugh at ourselves when online culture starts to eat itself: very meta. We hope August offers you a chance to take a break from it all, or maybe to gather your own collection of wandery-roamy-hairy-cow photos.

Feel like you've seen it all before? You probably have...

What We're Listening To:

Being design-focused, one of our favorite podcasts has to be Design Matters. Design affects day to day life in so many surprising ways, and Debbie Millman's excellent research never falters in finding compelling subject matter. Another great thing about this podcast is you can jump in anywhere, so, for anyone who's not a must-start-at-the-beginning type-A personality, we recommend Millman's interview with graphic designer Mike Rigby.

Mike Rigby - Typeface Design for Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia

Design Obsession:

Having lived close by, one of my favorite spots in London is Redchurch Street. It doesn't surprise me that our team's latest design obsession is located right there - a quiet, unassuming side-street that's home to excellent food, drink, coffee, and thoughtfully curated design and retail, all tucked away from the madness of Shoreditch. The Blue Mountain School is a painstakingly-curated, interdisciplinary space, housing a restaurant, a listening room, an exhibition space, and Hostem: an open archive of fashion and creative brands. In many ways it resists definition, but at the same time it all makes perfect sense...

Blue Mountain School
Mãos Dining Space, serving food designed by Nuno Mendes