Brick & Wonder Selects:
September Inspiration


Thought for the Month

We like to be direct, and we're drawn to direct people. Derek Sivers is one of them.

In this month's roundup of ideas and inspiration, we wanted to share his notes on sharing success with those around you. We look forward to more smart ideas in Sivers' forthcoming book Your Music and People.

You aren’t pulled to success by destiny. You’re lifted there by those around you.

Product We Love

You've probably already noticed the design trend of pairing things back down to basics, perhaps in refute of app-driven, super-computer-in-your-pocket lifestyles. Whatever the motivation behind this design, we love it. It's a single-station radio, which comes pre-tuned for your local public radio station. A great housewarming gift for a friend, or better yet, a gift to yourself - trading variety, complexity and choice for something pure, simple and straightforward. It's also housed in a mason jar, which is fun!

Film We're Excited About

American documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit has made a name for himself in the design world by showing things we often take for granted in brilliant new light - from cities and urban planning to typography and toothbrushes. Hustwit made his directorial debut in 2007 with Helvetica, a poetic exploration of the ubiquitous Swiss typeface. The movie became a cult hit among the design community. Hustwit's latest project is Rams, a documentary about the pioneering German industrial designer Dieter Rams, with a soundtrack composed by Brian Eno. We enjoyed reading this Wallpaper* interview with Hustwit and can't wait to see the film.

Rams - Gary Hustwit

What We're Listening To

Brad Ford, a Brick & Wonder member and one of New York's leading interior designers is the man behind Field + Supply, an upscale, artisan craft market that takes place in upstate New York each Fall. We're looking forward to this year's Field + Supply event, so we enjoyed listening to this Business of Home interview with Ford, who shares how he built an extraordinary community of modern makers.

Military Bases We Want to Buy for Adaptive Re-Use

We're big fans of The Spaces - a site which highlights interesting design projects and real estate for sale around the world. We loved their recent article on dis-used military bases for sale: this proved to be a great source of inspiration for adaptive re-use concepts. Top of the 'idea pile' was turning the golf ball at Balado into your own mini Eden Project.

Gin Head, Scotland
Balado, Scotland