Broker Profile:
Brad Miles


A lifelong New Yorker, real estate broker Brad Miles has the deep knowledge required for success in the city that never sleeps. Alongside his intimate knowledge of the city, Miles' experience in sales, marketing, and client service combine to make him among New York's most trusted real estate talent. "Being able to understand some of the unseen benefits of different properties and neighborhoods definitely attracted me to the profession," Miles says, "I love helping people with what, for many, is one of the biggest financial decisions of their life. And helping people (hopefully) find the homes of their dreams."

Brad Miles

Today, pricing is a more important factor than ever before. Pricing determines whether your listing gets seen or not. - Brad Miles

Upper East Side Property

This excitement to achieve a positive result for clients aligns with the stage he favors in the process. "While most would say signing (either contract or closing), I love the first contact point, as the possibilities are nearly endless when you first start to work with a new client."

On the other side of the deal, Miles often represents the seller taking their home to market. Ensuring the seller has a great experience and a positive outcome involves a few key factors. "Expectations are key, making sure your seller has a realistic impression of all aspects of the process. Today, pricing is a more important factor than ever before. As with all online searches, pricing determines whether your listing gets seen or not. We always top it all off with a huge dose of targeted marketing!"

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As a broker with real estate agency Douglas Elliman, we wondered what Miles believes distinguishes the company in a time when buyers and sellers have more options than ever. "Elliman understood a long time ago the value in owning data. As an agent, we are able to use that vast amount of data to deliver above and beyond to our clients."

Upper West Side Property

In an industry often accused of being slow to adapt to technology, Douglas Elliman has managed to keep up with the pace. According to Miles, "I think Elliman is ahead of the rest when it comes to modernization. We have great apps and systems - although there is always reason to look ahead." The ways in which the real estate industry could innovate and take advantage of new technology are intriguing and often surprising. "Possibly Virtual Reality (VR), or more integrative apps for mobile devices," Miles said. "I think both are exciting opportunities. I envision foreign clients 'walking through' my listings on a VR device in the very near future."