Why Collaboration Leads to Better Work


At Brick & Wonder, we believe in the power of community. In the worlds of real estate, architecture and industrial design a strong community can successfully foster collaboration, innovation and design excellence.

In projects large or small, every aspect of the design and planning process affects the final product. Teams and individuals with specialized skills take concepts from their sketch pads and convert them to detailed designs that evolve to become finished products. It follows, then, that any such process can only be as good as its weakest link.

Yale Sterling Memorial Library Renovation, with lighting design by Brick & Wonder members Kugler Ning

Many projects represent a network of people working toward common goals. Sometimes the relationship between the work process and the finished product is very clear: an architect designs a house, for instance. In other cases the relationship is less obvious, though just as critical.

Many projects represent a network of people working toward common goals.

Consider, for instance, the lender who makes building the house possible, the accountant who manages cash-flow, the project manager that ensures the project runs smoothly and on-time, the legal team that draws up the contracts, and the insurer who underwrites the safety of the worksite for employees. Their contributions are meaningfully felt, though not as readily seen as the work of the craftsmen who build the kitchen cabinets, or the manufacturer that makes the tiles.

Quality Eats, NY, designed by Brick & Wonder members, Reunion Goods & Services

It’s clear that any worthwhile endeavor involves a great degree of collaboration. For the successful realization of design at the highest attainable standard, it is critical that all people and companies involved are not only great at what they do, but also great at working together. This is the difference between good projects and truly outstanding projects.

Architectural rendering by Brick & Wonder members, The Monument

Our community serves people and companies in real estate and design professions around the world. Not only are our members truly talented in their respective fields, they also understand that exceptional work is achieved by working with exceptional people.

If, like us, you believe in community and collaboration, inquire about membership here.

Featured image: Anson Road Art Barn, built by Brick & Wonder members The Art of Building