Creative Strategist Profile:
​Sasha Laing


Sasha Laing is a Creative Strategist at There., an independent agency that develops compelling cultural experiences for businesses. Their philosophy is that cultural experiences build brands, and, since their founding in 2016, There. has worked with brand giants like Ford, Spotify, and Uniqlo.

There. began as a partnership between several individuals with diverse backgrounds. Creative & editorial direction, event production, fashion casting, and art & culture curation comprise the unique backgrounds of the agency’s staff, accounting for the breadth of the services There. offers. The agency, however, is aware that its real strengths lie in curation, programming, and developing original content.

Sasha has parlayed her own background as a writer--and sometime creative writing teacher at Columbia University--into her work as a Creative Strategist, whether she’s developing an editorial direction for a brand like Uniqlo or working with Sonos to develop a brand voice. “Our best clients are motivated and engaged” says Sasha in reference to the Sonos project for which she immersed herself not only in the product, but in the company culture as well, in order to craft a unique brand voice.

For Spotify, the agency culled listener data for insight about voters’ concerns leading up to the 2016 election. That data became the animating force behind a series of events and exhibitions that took place in 8 cities around the US. There., small team notwithstanding, has undertaken quite a lot in the short time they’ve been in operation. “We found ourselves overwhelmed at first. We’ve scaled back a bit and now we’re happier.”

Collaboration has been central to There.’s success. Sasha explains: “We are very lucky to be connected to a strong network of creative talent and we would not be able to succeed at what we do without them. For each project that we work on, we put together a team that is specifically tailored to the needs of our client. In this sense, a large part of what we do is about bringing together talent and opportunities.”