Designer Profile:
Anthony D'Argenzio


Zio & Sons is a multifaceted creative collective based in New York City. The agency focuses on all things visual, encompassing a variety of services. This means working with brands in developing their creative direction, styling and staging, and aesthetic strategy to empower their vision. Founder and creative director, Anthony D'Argenzio has been working in visual strategy since 2009 and has become a successful stylist through his rise on Instagram. Inspired by Roman & Williams, John Derian, Ralph Lauren, Picasso, Miles Redd, Albert Levy to name a few, he has a distinct and fresh style to his work. The variety in his portfolio is linked with a recognizable approach by having developed an aesthetic, "Curated in a simplistic manner."

Detail of Anthony's home

In the realm of real estate interior design and styling is sometimes undervalued. "Interior Design is an essential piece of real estate. Sometimes it takes serious imagination to visualize the potential of a listing. In the end, a well designed space brings in more possibility and eventually, the offers." Not only is this aspect of realty a selling point, but also a way for individuals to become inspired and visualize more comfortably. "Interiors are personal, they take time to curate, and should be a reflection of the person who's occupying it."

Anthony D'Argenzio
Historic farmhouse styled by Zio & Sons

Drawing on the relationship between old and new, Anthony claims to be "a big lover of unique texture, salvaged materials, antiques, and the well-made." This inspiration is reflected not only in Zio & Sons Instagram, but also the brands Anthony chooses to collaborate with. Having worked with companies such as Obeetee Rug Company and Ralph Lauren, these are companies that align themselves aesthetically with Zio & Sons.

"How we use our space is changing and technology obviously helps." - Anthony D'Argenzio

Collaboration with 1stDibs

Most of Anthony's work ties interior design with digital media. "I think design and real estate are both constantly evolving. How we use our space is changing and technology obviously helps," said Anthony. Technology certainly has helped Zio & Sons, Instagram playing a large part in its exposure to the public as well as its success.

Collaboration with Obeetee Rugs

"I'm interested in the development of unconventional and mixed-use spaces. Whether that be an old school house, industrial factory, or a stone home." This is evident in Anthony's styling of his project, This Old Hudson, a creative rental space in the Hudson, New York. "Hudson has always been a special place for me. I was first drawn to the town's historic architecture and authentic personality. It seemed like the perfect place to execute my vision."

The home was built over a century ago, while the space is meant to serve different functions for different people. Representing Zio & Sons in physicality, the home has a fluid muted palette, meant to act as a malleable backdrop for whatever creative project the space might be used for. "The space was created to be different things for different people. A photo studio, a place to gather, or a weekend retreat." When asked if there were similar projects to come, his response was "More on the horizon!"

This Old Hudson House