Designer Profile:
Casey Dzierlenga


Dzierlenga F+U is a woodworking and design studio in the Hudson Valley operated by Casey Dzierlenga. The furniture of Dzierlenga F+U focuses on paring away unnecessary details, and elevating those fundamental concepts of quality craftsmanship and woodworking to the world of high design. The simple lines, silhouettes and palettes Casey uses draw one’s attention to the wilder, more mystical characteristics of the wood itself. "There is inherent grace and depth to wood as a material, but I don't generally strive for a machined sense of perfection. Sometimes things just have to stay a little wonky."

A husband and wife design duo, Dzierlenga and Sam Moyer moved from Los Angeles to the serene Hudson Valley in pursuit of a more authentic life. In their new home, an old farmhouse they’ve been meticulously restoring, the couple has been exploring activities you’d be hard pressed to find in LA or NYC. They have taken to such things as bee keeping and making smoked maple syrup from local trees (no plans to bottle it just yet). The local trees play a large role as Dzierlenga's inspiration as well as material for her work.

Dzierlenga F+U Cavallo Armchair

The maple trees native to the Hudson Valley are among Dzierlenga’s favorite breeds but the Black Walnut is far and away her favorite and she uses it often in her work. She favors re-purposing found objects and milling from the plethora of fallen trees offered up by the area. "I've recently added a new storage piece- the Alma Credenza, which is getting a good reception. This design is really an ode to spalted maple, and storage solutions get people really excited for obvious reasons."

"Within the world of real estate, interior design and styling at its most basic level is our way of laying claim to the spaces we inhabit, and making them fully our own." - Casey Dzierlenga

Dzierlenga's pieces have been licensed by a number of prominent New York based furniture outlets including West Elm and Kaufmann Mercantile as well as displayed at the FAIR showroom, founded by Brad Ford. A few of Dzierlenga's pieces were selected for the project. "Within the world of real estate, interior design and styling at its most basic level is our way of laying claim to the spaces we inhabit, and making them fully our own." Dzierlenga noted.

Dzierlenga F+U Jupiter Windsor Seats
Dzierlenga F+U Piette Counter Stool

Within the realm of interior design, Casey undoubtedly places importance on the role of handmade furniture, "Handmade furniture is inextricably tied to the history of humanity. In the distant past, everything a family owned was made by known hands. In today's world, there is less time for such things, but I think the value and desire for the story behind objects still resonates." This evidently transfers to her passion for the craftsmanship process and working with her hands. "As someone who's lucky enough to build for a living, I find there to be something incredible about using tools to create form from a rough material, and being able to follow my mind and hands wherever they go."

Dzierlenga F+U Far Sister Stool
Dzierlenga F+U Jupiter Dining Table at Fair showroom

Dzierlenga also contributed to another Brick & Wonder featured property in New York called Hudson Woods. She was selected among a small group of local makers, craftspeople and designers to outfit the model house at Hudson Woods. "Sense of place has a profound effect on us- the most expansive iteration of this is found in nature itself, but the architecture of the structures we create certainly comes in as a strong second. The design and placement of a home is mechanically functional, but also directs our views, filters our light, and creates natural flow throughout our day."

As part of the collaboration, the furniture made by local artisans engaged the architecture of the space and brought the entire project together. “I really appreciate how many local makers are being featured in the model house,” says Casey. “There’s a real community of makers out here and it’s great to be a part of that high caliber work.” Not only does Casey appreciate the camaraderie of such projects, she has also recently delved into interior design herself. "I'm deeply excited to have branched out into the world of interior design in the past year, which has allowed me to expand on my sense of form, and delve into the world of hardscaping. It has also been such a treat to work with furniture of other designers, and to take on more of a curating role."

Dzierlenga F+U Jirafa Coat Tree