Furniture Vendor Profile:
Thierry Herbert


Ernest is a design collective of Belgian and European brands, including Manhattan distributor D’Apostrophe, with partners brands Royal Botania, Delta Light, and Renson. The group has been importing some of the finest European furniture and design to the US for over a decade and provide a go-to service for some of the North East’s leading architects and designers.

D’Apostrophe president and Ernest co-founder Thierry Herbert explains the group’s history. “Through our strong brand partnerships, we have been able to offer a rich and distinctive collection of inspiring Belgian-European products. We wanted to build on that successful base and enhance it with a name and concept that is emblematic of our shared philosophy. Ernest, a traditional Flemish name, is a nod to our Belgian roots. By definition, the word earnest also embodies the collective’s core values, and spirit.”

At Ernest’s Manhattan showroom, guests can explore a stunning showcase of architectural and design products, including furniture, flooring, and lighting. The showroom is arranged in different spaces, including an office, a studio, kitchen and lounge, giving guests the feeling of experiencing products in their rightful place.

The collection also highlights a range of experiential products, like drop-down media screens, adjustable LED lighting solutions and retractable privacy screens. As a means to create dialogue with the New York design community, the space also plays host to multidisciplinary cultural and social experiences like screenings and events.

“The goal is to create different spaces within one big space,” said Herbert. “We really wanted to show what we can offer to a project because architects have different levels of thinking. We want designers to come here and see the full range of how we can work.”

The group curates a carefully considered range of products, many of them innovative and ahead of their time. The curatorial strategy reflects contemporary design approaches like LEED Certification and Healthy Building. “We want to show healthy building strategies and help designers understand how these products can be united in one space,” Herbert says.