Furniture Maker Profile:
Michael Robbins


Having studied photography at art school, it is easy to see how Michael Robbins’ aesthetic eye translates into woodworking & furniture making. Every element of Michael’s work has a simple but meticulously crafted sensibility, down to his website design and even a video about his workshop. (The video even earned a Vimeo Staff Selection.)

Founded in 2011, Michael Robbins Designs produces furniture in a former wool factory in New York’s Hudson Valley. Drawing from simplicity, utility and a joy of form, Robbins creates pieces that are exceptionally crafted, using time-honored materials. As a 7th generation native of Upstate New York, his furniture is carefully designed to reflect the simple beauty of his rural landscape.

To build these pieces over several weeks, you live with them every day. It is a constant conversation that does not stop when you get home. It is thoroughly living with what you are doing in life, which is incredible.

As a furniture maker, Robbins is mostly self taught, an idea he embraces for its sense of individuality and the freedom it gives him to experiment. Robbins thoughtfully creates pieces that are both rustic and modern, balanced in geometry and form, all while maintaining a sense of comfort and quality that offer everyday utility. The furniture is assembled by a small team in a building rich with manufacturing history. Through these surroundings Robbins maintains a direct connection with the craftspeople who have come before him.