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Jason Caslow


Though it started out as a public relations firm focused on Southern living, located in Charleston, South Carolina, Polished Pig Media has quickly grown to a national company with operations in New York City and Washington D.C. Leveraging a relationship driven approach, Polished Pig creates value and builds communities around brands in the food, travel, lifestyle and hospitality industries.

We spoke with Jason Caslow, Executive Director at Polished Pig and a Brick & Wonder community member. “The first thing we do with clients is listen,” says Jason. “We ask many questions and come to the table open minded so we can tailor a strategy for each client.”

Polished Pig client, Easy Bistro & Bar in Chattanooga, TN.

For Jason and Polished Pig, one of the key factors in determining strategy is understanding where to find the right audience. “Audience is something that we’re obsessed with,” says Jason, “how do you hone in on where your audience circulates most? What are they reading? What region might they be in and what publications are they picking up or clicking? The answer is often surprising.”

The first thing we always do is listen. Audience is something that we’re obsessed with.

“Something that often surprises me,” says Jason, “is which outlets get amazing response rates. Sometimes an outlet that maybe is a little off the beaten track really moves the needle. Lots of people come to the table with stars in their eyes for big national publications and that’s very normal and great to get, too. But, it’s often surprising what placements generate activity.”

Garden & Gun Magazine's "Made in the South Weekend" an important event for Polished Pig.
Scenic City Supper Club organized for Easy Bistro & Bar.
Polished Pig client, Russell Lands On Lake Martin.

A recent client of Jason’s is Splinter Creek; 26 lakeside homesites nestled into the hills of North Mississippi, where buyers can build turnkey, architect-designed lake homes. “What’s drawn my interest to Splinter Creek from the very beginning is the attention to the land itself,” says Jason, “Rather than building the land up around the homes, this project takes the opposite approach. The idea is for residents to build lightly on the land so each home connects to a sense of place. They’re specifically designed to complement and integrate the natural landscape. The twenty-six homesites are defined by creeks and landforms, rather than artificial boundaries.”

Splinter Creek, Architect Designed Home.
Splinter Creek Exterior and Kitchen
Splinter Creek in the Evening.

“Right now, we’re nearing the completion of the concept house,” says Jason, “I’ve always been a design junkie and it’s been amazing to see the progress of the home. The design is a modern rendition of the classic agrarian buildings in the area, which creates a unique sense of place.” Jason sees home and community architecture a having a unique moment right now.

Working alongside creative and innovative teams is what is most appealing; whether they’re architects, clothing designers or chefs.​

“For me, the last 5 years have brought innovative projects that challenge classic ideas of urbanism and community,” says Jason. “What’ is interesting is that they are popping up all over, sometimes in unlikely places. People are responding to projects like Splinter Creek.” Ultimately for Jason as a director at Polished Pig, "working alongside creative and innovative teams is most appealing; whether they’re architects, clothing designers or chefs."

Polished Pig client; Nashville’s Little Octopus.
Greyfield Inn; a historic mansion located on Cumberland Island,