Furniture Maker Profile:
Sawkille Co.


Sawkille is a handmade, furniture, art and design studio located in Rhinebeck, NY. The Shop’s “Farmhouse Modern” style combines a finely crafted American Shaker style design with a contemporary streamlined aesthetic. The furniture is inspired by the rich heritage of the Hudson Valley and a tradition of people who worked to create and build a life around what is meaningful to them.

Designer and artist Jonah Meyer, with his wife and business partner Tara DeLisio, founded the company in 2010 after several years of nurturing and evolving the their style, creating and selling work out of a space near Woodstock, NY.

We are drawn to invoke the expression of our desire to participate in this good world in a good way; to create products and a work environment that reflect the value of human effort and creative vision.

With a background in fine art and sculpture, Jonah builds off many of the unfinished ideas of the past to incorporate his own artistic perspective and give Sawkille’s furniture a place in the modern world. Sustainably sourced Northeast hardwoods and metalwork is at the core of the Shop’s production, which still relies on many traditional woodworking methods and finishes. The result is heirloom quality furniture designed to improve with time and use.

Sawkille also features Jonah’s unique array of handmade sculpture, painting and traditional woodblock ink prints, which are often incorporated into custom one of a kind furniture pieces.