Interior Designer:
Sheena Murphy


Sheena Murphy is a Brooklyn based designer and Principal at design studio sheep + stone. Sheena describes her style as modern, eclectic, layered, mostly neutral and often masculine with a focus on materials, process and environment. She has long been influenced by the work of Louis Kahn, Carlo Scarpa and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and more recently, Landon Metz and Axel Vervoodt.

Murphy has truly embraced the resurgence of historically inspired design, locally made and responsibly sourced. Whether she’s collaborating with local makers or scouting antiques at flea markets, she is mindful to purchase directly from the source wherever possible. For Murphy, the focus on materiality and process is not just an aesthetic choice but also an ethical one. The studio places importance on how things are made, and with what materials, in an effort to prevent specifying pieces being made in poor environments with materials that can adversely effect the health of the people making them, or the health of the homes for which they are made.

Much like what happened with the modernist movement after the war, we have seen a shift in design preferences and buying behaviors since the 2008 economic downturn. The result is a focus on simplicity and a desire to know the story behind where things come from. Murphy aims to collaborate with clients to navigate them through the design process and advise on selecting the right pieces for their homes and lifestyles.

sheep + stone works in residential, hospitality and commercial spaces and is currently working on projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Hudson Valley, LA and London.