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Workshop Review – Leadershp EQ

As part of our ongoing Workshops series, on Thursday 9/17 Brick & Wonder members joined session leader Patty Staco for a remote workshop focused on leveraging emotional intelligence in leadership.

Discussion prompts for the session included:

  • Are you aware of your emtional triggers and how you respond to them?
  • Have you ever had a communication hijacked by your emotions?
  • How does your mood affect your thoughts and decisions?
  • How well do you handle criticism?
  • Are you aware of the impact you have on others at any given time?
  • Do you know how you are being perceived by others

Meet the Workshop Leader:

Patty Staco, Motivational Speaker & Coach

In 2011, Patty founded Building Leaders From Within, a transformational coaching firm invested in creating leaders: leaders in business and in life. Through Patty’s work she assists clients in taking ownership of their current results and empowers them through that same ownership mindset to take ACTION and responsibility for creating desired outcomes. Her work is focused on supporting clients through diverse life transitions and to effect positive change by re-aligning focus and cultivating a reslient growth mindset. Areas of focus include: Early Leadership Development; Career Evolution; and Personal Life Transitions.

Key Insights

Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Leadership or Emotional Quotient is the capability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviors, and manage or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goals.

Patty Staco

Five Elements of Emotional Intelligence:

  • Emotional Self-Awareness – being aware of what you are feeling moment to moment as well as seeking to understand the impact this has on others.
  • Self-regulation – attempting to control or redirect your emotions and learning to anticipate the consequences before you act on impulse.
  • Motivation – utilizing emotional factors to overcome and persevere.
  • Empathy – learning how to tunr in and sense the emotions of others.
  • Social skills – learning how to effectively manage relationships and inspire others.

To learn more about Patty’s work offering EQ Leadership Training and Professional Coaching, click here.

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