1. Give to receive

  • By Brick & Wonder
  • May 28, 2022
  • News

By joining Brick & Wonder, you’ve unlocked a community of talented and accomplished peers. Our membership network is designed to bring you together with collaborators you can trust, and with whom you can do your best work. 

As you embark on your Brick & Wonder journey, the below approaches will help you make the most out of your membership. Follow along to learn more.

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”
— Maya Angelou

By first giving to others, you open the possibility of receiving in the future. We call this the “give first” mindset: the leap of faith of giving without seeking reward or reciprocation. 

Think carefully about what a fellow member might want or need, and then whether you can meaningfully provide it for them. This includes anything from making an introduction, to sharing insights about a process or experience, to taking someone out for lunch. 

Be generous with your time and yourself. This generosity is instrumental in opening doors, building better relationships, and forging lasting connections. 

Keep reading for part two, Make the first move.

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