Our Mission

Connect real estate and design professionals around the world to share knowledge and resources, execute projects, and grow.

Why Real Estate?

Most real estate and design leaders spend years of trial and error building the right connections, resources and techniques to succeed. By doing so, we waste a lot of time and effort.

We believe the shortest path to growth is by connecting to other like-minded people who have already completed the mazes you’re interested in running.

Our membership community is made up of remarkable people from all components of the real estate industry: Architects and engineers, developers and designers, agents and artists, contractors and title specialists, fabricators, stylists, publicists, managers, investors, and many more.

As different as we are, the one thing we have in common is a passion for real estate, design, and a desire to help one another get better.

Statement on Diversity

Brick & Wonder is committed to supporting and connecting professionals in real estate and design, including people of color, and of diverse religions, gender, gender identity or expression and sexual orientation.

Diversity gives us strength.

It fosters innovation, creativity and thoughtful engagement to solve challenging issues in our industry, our country and in our global community. We are committed to advancing, learning and growing together with a community that reflects the diverse environment in which we aspire to live.

Our Guiding Principles


Consistently raise the standards and outcomes within the Real Estate industry. Innovate and explore new models, methodologies, materials, and systems to realize positive outcomes.


Extend yourself to others. Build an environment of trust, vulnerability, and honesty to create a safe haven for exploration and the space to see things differently.


Recognize and embrace that success comes not alone but with everyone. Take a positive-sum mindset where everyone is working together for a common cause.

“In the deepest sense of the word, a friend is someone who sees more potential in you than you see in yourself, someone who helps you become the best version of yourself.”
Adam M. Grant

Author of Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success