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New perspectives. Deeper knowledge. Strong connections.

Shorten your path to growth by connecting with real estate and design leaders going your way.

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You can’t
go it alone.

There are lots of ways you can cut years off the learning curve and put yourself in a position to succeed. At Brick & Wonder, we believe the essential way to shorten your path to success is by connecting to others who have already traveled the road you are now on.

With Brick & Wonder Membership, we have made that journey easier by enabling you to connect, learn, and grow from others going your way.

Transform yourself and your business through the power of relationships

Membership Benefits

Experiences & programming to help you level up and lead

  • Roundtable Discussions

    Led by subject matter experts, our members dive into challenging business topics with an accomplished and intersectional peer group, surfacing tough questions and valuable insights.

  • Our Digital Community

    A private online community of fellow members, accessible via our web app, or mobile app.

  • Site Visits & Tours

    Members can attend curated site visits, architectural projects and studio tours in their home city and beyond.

  • Member Profile

    We actively promote the work of our members through profiles of all our members on our public website, editorial and social media channels.

  • Support & Advocacy

    We actively promote the work of our members through profiles of all our members on our public website, editorial and social media channels.

The curation of the community is exceptional - I've never met a Brick & Wonder member I didn't immediately like.

Matthew Steer

Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams
Every conversation I have with a fellow Brick & Wonder member energizes me and sparks new ideas.

John Patrick Winberry

Partner, The Up Studio
We value all of the relationships that we’ve built through the Brick & Wonder network – a group that is exceptionally qualified, creative, and engaged.

Rebecca Goldberg

Co-Founder, DADA Goldberg
I have been so impressed by the high quality conversations and sense of community.

Aimee Commons

Creative Director, Sun Valley Bronze
Brick & Wonder cuts through years of work that it would take to connect to the right person.

Susan Clark

Founder, Radnor
Brick & Wonder has been instrumental in connecting me with new clients and several exciting commissions.

Chris Mottalini

Within a year I met new clients and did two beautiful projects, collaborating with other Brick & Wonder members.

Gaia Nodari

Founder, Gaia Nodari Design
What's amazed me is how something I see as a problem is an opportunity for someone else. I now recognize multiple angles for attacking the same problem.

Brigham Farrand

Director of Business Development, Baxter Construction
I love this community. Seeing how beneficial this platform has been to me and my career is amazing.

Amir Karimpour

Founder, Alden Studios

Who is it for?

For individuals in real estate, design, and the built environment.

  • Consultants
    & Contractors

    Established experts and specialists who serve and focus on the real estate industry.

  • Business owners
    and leaders

    CEOs, Founders, Partners, Directors, Product Owners or Managers who have built companies or teams, are both willing to learn and teach.

  • Non-Profits
    & Institutions

    Leaders of companies, organizations and initiatives who are working in the real estate space as a registered Non-profit.

Membership Cost

Annual Membership Cost

  • Select


    • Includes Member-led Discussions & Workshops
    • Private Online Community Account + mobile app
    • Access to public Panel Discussions
  • Pro


    • Public Profile on Brick & Wonder's website
    • 10 annual Curated Group Roundtables
    • Biannual cocktail events with Pro & Council members + select guests
    • Includes all Member-led programming
    • Private Online Community Account + Mobile App
    • Additional Select team accounts available at $650/yr
  • Council


    • Monthly calls with our team, focused on direct business development outreach and pipeline building
    • Curated, personalized introductions and networking
    • Public Brick & Wonder Profile
    • Biannual private dinners for Council Members
    • 10 annual Curated Group Roundtables
    • Biannual cocktail events with pro & council members + select guests
    • Private Online Community Account + Mobile app
    • Includes all Member-led programming
    • Includes 1 additional Select membership for a partner or team member