Christine Woodward


San Francisco

Levi’s Plaza
1160 Battery Street East, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94111

With a rich tapestry of over 15 years as an interior designer, Christine holds a master’s degree in architecture and has fortified her expertise through studies in management at Harvard. Currently pursuing an MBA at Johns Hopkins University, Christine stands as the Founder/CEO and Principal Consultant known for her specialization in recruiting, leadership and management coaching, and the seamless implementation of growth strategies.

A catalyst for change and an unwavering accountability partner, Christine ignites transformative shifts within organizations, driving a culture of continuous improvement. Her forte lies in motivating and orchestrating enhancements in team organization and nurturing an environment primed for future success. Passionate about aligning businesses with their future goals, Christine navigates strategic implementations that are aligned with Clients’ personal and professional needs.

Before establishing 19th&CO, Christine made impactful contributions at leading design firms within the design industry, including interior design powerhouse Gensler and the world-renowned advertising agency McCann Global in New York.