Evan Nussbaum

Material Supplier

Evan Nussbaum is a foremost expert in the stone and tile industry and, more generally, in supply chain and project management for complicated construction projects. He is passionate about learning and growing personally and professionally. He considers a hallmark of any true expert to be to position oneself as a lifelong learner in their areas of expertise, and that this is a process that never ends. That said, he relishes the idea that he still has more to learn than he can imagine from his customers, his vendors, his coworkers, his friends, and his family.

The Stone Project is founded, funded, and operated by industry people who understand the nuances and dynamic patterns of change in the global supply chain and in the US market. They are a new paradigm in sales and distribution that allows premium brands more direct access to and feedback from the US architectural market. They specialize in rigorously designed high-quality products and bespoke cut-to-size projects requiring specialized project management. They are material consultants. They take a client-centric project-specific approach toward selecting suitable materials with the specific end user and their specific project in mind, optimizing for the things that are most important toward accomplishing the project’s goals.

The Stone Project’s mission is to utilize vast expertise to provide best-in-class Products and Services through multiple sales channels for residential and commercial construction projects around the world. To partner with Architects, Designers, and Makers who rigorously work to set trends with differentiated products. To have fun; to be creative and dynamic; to learn and grow personally and professionally every day in the ecosystem of our stakeholders (vendors, partners, employees, and customers).