Kyle Twitchell

Structural Engineer

New York
792A Quincy Street
Brooklyn, NY

Developing a passion for design, architecture and engineering, Kyle has always wanted to explore and collaborate with others to create spaces that individual’s and communities want to visit. Kyle takes joy in tackling both difficult and simple engineering problems as part of the process of creating these spaces. Through his career of 15+ years, he has led the analysis and design of a variety of projects that has created a depth and breath of experience. Projects have ranged from art installations; seismic retrofits; research facilities; medical and healthcare facilities; higher education; government and infrastructure development; high end single family residential and multi-family residential; commercial developments and tenant improvements; and façade design. This diverse level of experience on ranging from simple to complicated or from large to small has provided him with the ability to work collaboratively with design teams, clients, contractors and end users with positive outcomes.