Manon Roux

Interior Designer

New York
100 Amity St
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Atelier Roux is a bespoke interior design firm that blends sophistication with purpose to craft personalized spaces that resonate with clients’ lifestyles. With a focus on maximizing functionality without compromising elegance, we transform the home creation process into an enjoyable journey. From conception to completion, we collaborate closely with clients to design curated spaces that seamlessly blend style and practicality, redefining comfort for everyday living.

Founder Manon Roux’s upbringing in Paris and New York fostered a deep appreciation for timeless design and fine arts, reflected in her education at esteemed institutions like Carousel du Louvre, Purchase College, RISD, and Cranbrook School. Guided by a commitment to personalized experiences, Manon envisioned a firm dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricate home design process.

At Atelier Roux, our philosophy centers on creating homes that reflect individuality and sophistication. Drawing on Manon’s artistic background and her passion for quality and creativity, we aim to craft interiors that harmonize with the rhythm of our clients’ lives. Each project is approached with careful attention to detail, ensuring that every space we design not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations.