Olivia Schaeffer

Lighting Designer

Olivia is an expert in the lighting industry with over a decade of experience in business development and sales. As an agent, manufacturer and distributor, she has focused on nurturing relationships and partnerships with great care throughout her career. Today, she brings expertise and passion to her role with PSLab to launch the brand in the US, starting in NYC.

PSLab are lighting experts, specialized in the planning, implementing and manufacturing of light and lighting fixtures. Designers and makers. Minds and hands. Reason and emotion. The light source and the luminaire. The application and the space. PSLab leads with a process-driven ecosystem, making connections and inciting dialogue in order to conceive a context-specific holistic lighting concept and provide all the instruments needed to implement it. This means that PSLab is not solely concerned with a product’s design and manufacturing, but also with its correct placement and use within a project.