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Defne Aydintasbas


DADA Goldberg is a design communications group, focusing on public relations, brand positioning and media planning among the numerous other services they provide to clients. The firm leverages its diverse skill set to drive marketing for creative businesses. "I'm the daughter of an architect and an artist, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I sympathized with their creative process and intimately knew their career challenges," says co-owner Defne Aydintasbas.

Defne Aydintasbas
Foscarini, DADA Goldberg client

Aydintasbas started out working for large advertising agencies. Here, she learned that the extensive resources and large clients were not fulfilling enough for her to find meaning in her work. This realization prompted her to steer her career in a different direction. "I started working at a boutique marketing agency that catered to clients in art, design and architecture," mentions Aydintasbas. This eventually provided her with the necessary experience to start her own company, with Rebecca Brodsky, in 2011. "Rebecca and I had a clear idea of the path we wanted to take with DADA Goldberg. Our focus was the design world, which we were both very passionate about. Design, combining strong artistic vision with innovation and business-savvy, was uniquely compelling to us."

Designer Fernando Mastrangelo, DADA Goldberg Client

Though design is a through-line, the firm works with a diverse roster of clients. "We work with visionaries of all kinds: architects, interior designers, artists, manufacturers, award and event producers, and real estate developers who prioritize design in their ventures." Such an array of client verticals results in a variety of work for DADA Goldberg. "We help elevate the narrative for each project we touch, positioning strategically with respect to cultural trends, benefits to the world and to end users. Our work ranges from high profile introductions and sustained influence campaigns to delivering media coverage, events management, social media management and content consultancy, across all tenets of marketing communications."

Designer Chris Hardy, DADA Goldberg client

Through their work, DADA Goldberg hopes to guide design firms through the challenges they face with media and PR. "History is full of excellent work that was never discovered. Relentless self-promotion does not come naturally to most of us and is often not a top priority for creators. Knowing how to market one's art is not a nice to have, but a must in this day and age." Aydintasbas adds, "In the PR world, we know very intimately that everyone's time and attention is extremely fractured with the entry of digital information and and social media into our lives. Successful publicity is no longer the result of one big story in a major media outlet, it's the result of tireless work across all fronts. It is creating that feeling of seeing a brand everywhere. I think the work of communications consultants who can employ smart strategies across platforms is more crucial than ever."

Hudson Woods development, DADA Goldberg client

We asked Aydintasbas what advice she would offer to individuals and companies seeking media attention? "'Do I have a story here?' is the first consideration," Aydintasbas said. "It is important to identify what makes each object, place or event new. What is its unique contribution. Why bother?" The DADA Goldberg team is well versed in taking creators back to these essential components of their own stories. "We offer an outside perspective that puts the work into context -- fresh eyes and a news angle -- which is essential for creators who have spent so long in the development phase."