Roundtable Review: Gaining Influence Through Thought Leadership

On Thursday 11/19, we held our members’ roundtable on gaining influence through the use of creative thought leadership. 

The session was co-led by design strategists and facilitators Mia Scharphie and Melanie Kahl. 

Video & Audio Replay + Notes

Brick & Wonder members can access the full video, audio, and session notes in the private community write up here.

Session Co-Leaders:

Mia Scharphie, Founder, Build Yourself Workshop

Mia is a trained facilitator, who’s run a research effort on women in social impact design for the Harvard Business School. She’s a founding member of the Equity Roundtable at the Boston Society of Architects and was named as one of Impact Design Hub’s Social Impact Design 40 under 40. Visit Build Yourself Workshop here.

Melanie Kahl, Social Designer

Melanie believes in the power of community-driven design to shape meaningful organizations, experiences, services, and places. For the last twelve years, she’s led creative teams on design and social innovation projects across five continents on issues of urban resilience, health, gender, education, and inclusive development. A builder by nature, Melanie has grown multiple internal studios and initiatives, most recently on Facebook’s Communities Team and for Dalberg Design. Visit Melanie’s website here

Building influence finds your next growth edge.


Key Session Insights: 

  • Building Influence:
    • Consider learning in public
      • Feedback cycle efficiency is improved
      • It feels riskier but its a faster process
  • Select a base strategy:
    • Do you feel most comfortable with: Speaking; writing; one-on-one relationship building; collaborations?
  • Give your base strategy a preferred format:
    • Podcasts, guest columnist, leads group, whitepaper, documentary
  • Choose a Creative Injection:
    • Craft: What hard or soft skill you want to learn, use or grow?
    • Cares: What issues would you like to move forward, and what values would you like to express?
    • Collaborations: Who would you like to collaborate with, or who would be strategic contacts for you?
    • Comforts: What experiences or adventures do you want to have? What can your thought leadership be a passport to?

Thought Leadership Partners & Inspiration:


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