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Creative Capital

On Thursday 7/23 we held our members’ roundtable on Creative Capital, led by founder, investor and advisor Jules Ehrhardt.

  1. Design Driven Development

    Design Driven Development

    On June 25th, Brick & Wonder members joined co-leaders Jared Della Valle and Peter Guthrie for our roundtable session on..
  2. Review: Image Secrets

    Review: Image Secrets Roundtable

    Members were invited to share and discuss the challenges they have faced in communicating their company image in the way they want to.
  3. Client

    Roundtable Review – Client Relations & Retention

    On April 23rd, we held our Client Retention roundtable using a remote Zoom session. The roundtable was...
  4. Setting Culture

    Roundtable Review – Setting Business Culture

    On March 26th, we held our Setting Business Culture roundtable using a remote Zoom session. The roundtable was...
  5. Sustainable

    Roundtable Review: The Sustainable Building Imperative

    On Feb 20th, we held our Sustainability Roundtable at Spring Place in New York. The roundtable, titled “The...
  6. Growth

    Roundtable Review – Growth Opportunities

    On Jan 23rd, we held our first Roundtable of 2020 at Spring Place in New York. The roundtable, “Defining and...