Roundtable Review: Hiring & Firing

On May 18th, we hosted our Pro & Council Hiring & Firing Roundtable at R&Company in NYC.

Whether hiring for growth, for a niche skillset, for diversity, or for a new strategic initiative, the process can be time-consuming and even overwhelming.

For small businesses (and especially for service providers) knowing the right time to hire, and making time to get the process right is a difficult balancing act, but one that has the potential to yield transformative results over time. 

Brick & Wonder members can download the full session notes here.

Key Insights

Being one of the principals, if I want to grow, I have to let go of some of then things I used to do and entrust someone else with that. 

— Gallerist

When you’re a sole principal, it’s extremely lonely and isolating. The revelation I’ve had has been involving our team in the hiring and firing. At first, it took my initiating that and bringing people into it, But now it has naturally evolved to the place where people on the team initiate it. They come to me with their own thoughts about hiring or firing. Or once we’re in the middle of a process, they are participating in it very actively. It’s a lot less lonely and it works a lot better.

— Architect

I like the model of bringing in young people and immediately giving them responsibility. How interested, how committed to the trade or craft are they? You quickly find out.

— Architect

Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from mistakes. Patience is my friend and time is my ally. Old people who’ve become good – they remain good forever. Older people who were at some point the worst: they became the best. The people who grow the fastest are the ones who make more mistakes. It’s the opposite of firing. [In the US] we become ready to fire when we see “this is the third mistake”, but the person who makes three mistakes in 15 days is taking risks and learning. In 38 years I’ve fired 2 people.

— Specialty Fabricator

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