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Use Net Promoter Scores to measure your performance from your client’s perspective

If I asked you to measure how delighted your customers actually are, how would you go about it? Do you know when things went well or, more importantly, when they didn’t? If you aren’t surveying your clients then you are merely guessing.

  1. Just When It’s Needed Most, Startup Veev Is Figuring Out How To Build Homes Faster

    Three months, or just 90 days. That’s the current forecast of new home supply that we have in the U.S.,..
  2. The Nature of Design

    There’s an R&D lab that’s been churning out astonishing design ideas for 23 billion years. It’s called nature. “Animals,...
  3. An Obsession with Brutalism Makes a Great Cup

    From the Design Entrepreneur:
    An Obsession with Brutalism Makes a Great Cup

    We were so amused by the name of the Brutal coffee brand that we saw launched on Archinect recently that we had ask the site's founder, Paul...
  4. From the Builder: R.L. Baxter Building Corp.

    Small towns have a way of creating an opportunity a little differently than bigger cities. In small towns, connections are..
  5. From the Product Manufacturers: How a Trash Bin Inspired These “Hotels”

    The Vipp trash bin (or really just the “bin”) is something of a product design staple in Europe, and it has migrated..
  6. From the Architect: How Transparency Transformed our Firm

    In architecture school, we were always taught to keep our knowledge and ideas hidden under a veil of secrecy from..