From the Design Entrepreneur: An Obsession with Brutalism Makes a Great Cup

We were so amused by the name of the Brutal coffee brand that we saw launched on Archinect recently that we had ask the site’s founder, Paul Petrunia how he came up with the idea.

March 27, 2020

From the Builder: R.L. Baxter Building Corp.

Small towns have a way of creating an opportunity a little differently than bigger cities. In small towns, connections are driven by proximity, location, and existing relationships, and for R.L. Baxter Building Corp. this provided space for a high school teacher to found and grow a multimillion-dollar boutique construction firm building high-end projects across the Hudson Valley…

December 03, 2019

From the Product Manufacturers: How a Trash Bin Inspired These “Hotels”

The Vipp trash bin (or really just the “bin”) is something of a product design staple in Europe, and it has migrated overseas in recent years to become recognizable among designers and architects. It has even found a spot in MoMA’s design collection. Created in 1939 by Danish metal worker Holger Nielsen’s for his wife’s beauty salon,…

June 05, 2019