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Workshop Review – Building Science Fight Club

On Thursday 2/4 we invited Brick & Wonder members and their teams or colleagues to join us for a Conversation hosted by Christine Williamson, Founder of Building Science Fight Club. (@buildingsciencefightclub)

  1. Workshop Review: Food, Design & Influence

    On Thursday 14th Jan 2021, we gathered a distinguished group of culinary and design leaders for a discussion on the..
  2. Workshop Review: GRADUAL x Long Now x Tomorrow Lab

    On Thursday 12/10, we gathered the extraordinary team of creatives behind GRADUAL, a new timepiece that displays passing time in the form of...
  3. Design With Love: A Conversation with Katie Swenson

    On Thursday 12/3 Brick & Wonder members gathered for a conversation with Katie Swenson, Senior Principal at MASS Design Group and author of...
  4. Review: Start Podcasting

    Review: Start Podcasting

    On Thursday, Sept 24th we invited Brick & Wonder members to join a session focused on the whys and hows of podcasting - one of the...
  5. Review: Leadership EQ

    Workshop Review – Leadershp EQ

    As part of our ongoing Workshops series, on Thursday 9/17 Brick & Wonder members joined session leader Patty Staco for a remote workshop...
  6. What The
    Media Wants

    Workshop Review: What the Media Wants

    On Thursday 9/10, guests joined our expert panel for a discussion titled What the Media Wants - Media, Brand & PR Today. The panel was...
  7. Review: Who Gets Hired & Why?

    Review: Hiring Project Teams – Who Gets Hired & Why?

    On Thursday 4th June we held our Workshop Panel Discussion titled Hiring Project Teams – Who Gets Hired & Why? Our..
  8. Review: Innovate or Disappear

    Workshop Review: Innovate or Disappear

    On Thursday 5/14, guests joined our expert panel for a discussion of the Future of Hospitality in the post COVID-19 era. The panel was...
  9. Review: Building Technology

    Workshop Review – Building Technology

    Workshop on Building Technology, reviewing a case-study integration project for a 2-building complex amenity space at 101 Warren St in...
  10. Review: Telling Your Story

    Workshop Review – Telling Your Story

    On Thursday 4/16, Brick & Wonder members Mark & Tyler from 1504 Studio led a Workshop on Telling Your...
  11. Review: Crisis Real Estate Markets

    Workshop Review – Crisis Real Estate Markets

    On Thursday 4/16, Brick & Wonder hosted a Public Panel Discussion with four leading experts on Real Estate Markets in Crisis.
  12. Review: Crisis Employment & Construction Law

    Workshop Review – Crisis Employment & Construction Law

    On Thursday 4/9, Brick & Wonder members joined our Workshop discussion on the employment and construction law implications of...
  13. Review: Deciphering the CARES Act

    Workshop Review – Deciphering The CARES Act

    On Thursday 4/2, a number of Brick & Wonder members joined our Workshop discussion on the COVID-19 relief CARES Act,..