Workshop Review: Financial Modeling for Real Estate Development

Want to build your understanding of real estate development deal analysis? Interested in starting your own speculative development project?

This online session, led by Brick & Wonder member, Stephon Smith, covered the fundamentals of commercial real estate (CRE) financial model design.

It focused on the key elements that are most often omitted from financial models, including multi-perspective project cost analysis, income offsets, dynamic debt constraints, and financial statement design, among others.

Stephon  shared some of the essential Excel functionality that empowers a more robust model build quality and streamlined model user experience. Attendees gained a better understanding of how to create a solid, dynamic, and professional-looking CRE financial model.

Brick & Wonder members can access the full video replay from this session here.

About The Workshop Leader

Stephon is a fractional analyst specializing in commercial real estate (CRE) development financial modeling and analysis. He offers CRE underwriting services via monthly subscription to his firm accredev, a portmanteau combining ‘AC’ [accelerate], ‘CRE’ [commercial real estate], and ‘DEV’ [development]. accredev’s mission is to supercharge its clients’ underwriting to accrete wealth for their customers, employees, and owners. Stephon currently serves a handful of clients across Montana (his former home) and the Carolinas, with the ultimate goal of having a presence in every US state. Although his present client-base comprises developers exclusively, Stephon welcomes the opportunity to serve advisors and brokers as well.

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