Brick & Wonder Profile – Laura Aviva

Laura is the Founder and Creative Director of l’aviva home, a NYC-based design studio working hand in hand with artisans around the globe to cultivate luxury home collections.

September 01, 2022

Brick & Wonder Profile — Hannah Foster

A California expat and former professional ballet dancer, Hannah Foster is the director of Sugarlift, a NYC-based art gallery and online platform built for collectors and connectors to purchase art directly from today’s best emerging artists.

August 10, 2022

Brick & Wonder Profile – Lukas Dong

Lukas Dong first fell in love with filmmaking by observing architectural spaces and finding ways to bring the subtle details to life.

June 22, 2022

In Profile – Gerald Luss

An often overlooked icon in modern architectural history, Gerald Luss’s family home in Ossining, NY, has regained global attention this year as the home to a contemporary art exhibition.

June 08, 2021

Brick & Wonder Profile – Trey Trahan

Member Trey Trahan is an architect based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His firm works globally on residential, academic, cultural, and commercial projects.

March 03, 2021

Brick & Wonder Profile – Maria Camarena

We sat down with furniture designer and fabricator, Maria Camarena to learn about her company SinCa.

July 06, 2020

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