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Member Profiles

Brick & Wonder Profile – Trey Trahan

Brick & Wonder member, Trey Trahan is an architect based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His firm works globally on residential, cultural, and commercial projects ranging from single-family homes to large-scale institutions. Trey’s practice is closely tied to the exploration, curiosity, and play of fine art. His philosophy is driven by human connection and kindness. We sat down with Trey to learn more.

  1. Brick & Wonder Profile – Maria Camarena

    Growing up in one of Mexico’s creative hubs, Guadalajara, and spending time with her mother’s family in the South of France, Maria...
  2. Brick & Wonder Profile – William Lee

    William Lee was sent to college to study computer science. Without telling his parents, he decided to switch majors to classics & ceramics.
  3. Brick & Wonder Profile – Ty Cole

    Ty Cole is an architectural photographer who works with world renowned architectural firms and advertising agencies to document projects...
  4. Brick & Wonder Profile: Julia Gamolina

    Julia Gamolina is an architect by training, Strategy Director by day and design entrepreneur by night. We caught up with Julia..
  5. Brick & Wonder Profile – Amir Karimpour

    Amir Karimpour is co-founder of visualization company, Alden Studios. He’s also a Lecturer at Yale and an Assistant Visiting...
  6. Brick & Wonder Profile – Megan Grehl

    Megan Grehl is an interior designer and brand strategist whose international work spans projects in the US and China.
  7. Brick & Wonder Profile – Peter Ferzan

    Peter Ferzan is a real estate development and project management consultant working globally across verticals such as hospitality, retail,...
  8. Brick & Wonder Profile – Taylor Baker

    Taylor Baker is the Creative Director at Cortina Valley, a family-owned hospitality development in the Catskills, close to the popular...
  9. Brick & Wonder Profile – Emma Gardner

    Emma Gardner is a prolific textile and ceramic tile designer. She tells us the story of how her business has evolved over eighteen years.
  10. Brick & Wonder Profile – Christopher Parker

    Christopher Parker is an entrepreneur and real estate developer. After cutting his teeth learning asset management and acquisitions in...
  11. Brick & Wonder Profile – Gaia Nodari

    Gaia Nodari hails from Bergamo, a town outside Milan in Northern Italy, close to the border with Switzerland. Her aesthetic derives..
  12. Brick & Wonder Profile: Nannette Brown

    With transitions from journalist and news anchor, to designer, luxury stationer and media entrepreneur, Nannette Brown’s career resists...
  13. Brick & Wonder Profile – Nancy Kleppel

    Nancy Kleppel takes her deep understanding of the architecture business and applies it to firms large and small to realize ambitious growth...
  14. Brick & Wonder Profile – Bill Caleo

    Bill Caleo originally trained as an actor, but his entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and he substituted limelight for site-lights...
  15. Brick & Wonder Profile – Jacob Morris

    Brick & Wonder brings together accomplished colleagues across the real estate and design industries, and one oft-overlooked service in...