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In Profile – Gerald Luss

An often overlooked icon in modern architectural history, Gerald Luss’s family home (1955) in Ossining, NY, has regained global attention this year as the home to a contemporary art exhibition titled At The Luss House.

  1. Brick & Wonder Profile – Trey Trahan

    Brick & Wonder member, Trey Trahan is an architect based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His firm works globally on residential, cultural, and...
  2. Brick & Wonder Profile – Maria Camarena

    Growing up in one of Mexico’s creative hubs, Guadalajara, and spending time with her mother’s family in the South of France, Maria...
  3. Brick & Wonder Profile – William Lee

    William Lee was sent to college to study computer science. Without telling his parents, he decided to switch majors to classics & ceramics.
  4. Brick & Wonder Profile – Ty Cole

    Ty Cole is an architectural photographer who works with world renowned architectural firms and advertising agencies to document projects...
  5. Brick & Wonder Profile: Julia Gamolina

    Julia Gamolina is an architect by training, Strategy Director by day and design entrepreneur by night. We caught up with Julia..
  6. Brick & Wonder Profile – Amir Karimpour

    Amir Karimpour is co-founder of visualization company, Alden Studios. He’s also a Lecturer at Yale and an Assistant Visiting...
  7. Brick & Wonder Profile – Megan Grehl

    Megan Grehl is an interior designer and brand strategist whose international work spans projects in the US and China.
  8. Brick & Wonder Profile – Peter Ferzan

    Peter Ferzan is a real estate development and project management consultant working globally across verticals such as hospitality, retail,...
  9. Brick & Wonder Profile – Taylor Baker

    Taylor Baker is the Creative Director at Cortina Valley, a family-owned hospitality development in the Catskills, close to the popular...
  10. Brick & Wonder Profile – Emma Gardner

    Emma Gardner is a prolific textile and ceramic tile designer. She tells us the story of how her business has evolved over eighteen years.
  11. Brick & Wonder Profile – Gaia Nodari

    Gaia Nodari hails from Bergamo, a town outside Milan in Northern Italy, close to the border with Switzerland. Her aesthetic derives..
  12. Brick & Wonder Profile: Nannette Brown

    With transitions from journalist and news anchor, to designer, luxury stationer and media entrepreneur, Nannette Brown’s career resists...
  13. Brick & Wonder Profile – Nancy Kleppel

    Nancy Kleppel takes her deep understanding of the architecture business and applies it to firms large and small to realize ambitious growth...
  14. Brick & Wonder Profile – Bill Caleo

    Bill Caleo originally trained as an actor, but his entrepreneurial spirit got the better of him and he substituted limelight for site-lights...
  15. Brick & Wonder Profile – Jacob Morris

    Brick & Wonder brings together accomplished colleagues across the real estate and design industries, and one oft-overlooked service in...