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Member Collaborations

Meet Leah, Owner @ Settepani, Harlem

Our volunteer design team, led by Jordi Biosca, Design Director at Brick & Wonder member, Lang Studio, visited Settepani in Harlem this week to scope out their location for an Open Restaurants structure. At the site visit, we met Owner Leah Abraham’s daughter, Filomena, and we learned more about their restaurant, Settepani, which has been a neighborhood favorite for 20 years.

  1. Meet Duane, Owner @ NBHD Brulee, Harlem

    Our volunteer design team, led by Brick & Wonder member Architect Nina Cooke John, visited NBHD Brulee in Harlem this..
  2. Open Restaurants Fundraise

    Brick & Wonder has teamed up with Design Corps to help two Harlem restaurants, Settepani and NBHD Brulee, build outdoor dining..
  3. A Captivating Photoshoot Leads to Positive Press for a New Hotel

    Brick & Wonder connected photographer Chris Mottalini with DADA Goldberg for a photoshoot that captured the spirit of The Lake House on...
  4. An Innovative New Product is Visualized

    Minimalist window shading company J. Geiger tapped Brick & Wonder talent to create compelling visuals that illustrate a new shade solution...
  5. Brick & Wonder brings members together for two successful renovation projects

    In April 2019, a New York City comedian approached Brick & Wonder in search of a designer to help him renovate a duplex apartment and small...
  6. A thoughtful introduction results in a joint venture

    An architectural visualization specialist and a RE developer collaborate to unlock a new business model
  7. A Successful Showroom Activation

    DADA Goldberg did a great job with this project. The way we met was really nice and easy. The outcome..
  8. A True Collaborative Design

    “It was a wonderful collaboration! Jonathan totally understood me and we were able to influence each other’s work in the..
  9. Orion Construction & Painting:
    A Brand Overhaul

    It’s great knowing we have access to a community based on trust. It provides a sense of security with regard..