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Roundtable Review: Supercharging Business Creativity

Research shows that design-driven S&P 500 companies outperform the overall index by up to 228%. The best-performing companies use creativity and design-thinking to innovate and operate more efficiently than their peers.

Yet many businesses don’t prioritize creativity or design, often because the value is hard to measure, and even harder to define as a business strategy.

In this Roundtable our seasoned co-leaders helped attendees explore the meaning of creativity in business, and the value of applying, nurturing and growing organizational creativity as a tool for innovation, problem solving and growth.

Audio & Video Recap

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Key Insight

I am not an advocate of being a mentor. I don’t think that’s our job. As experienced leaders, I think our only job is to champion the teams around us, and it’s a different mindset. With mentoring, you’re giving advice and it’s a very static behavior. But if you’re championing somebody, you’re using your experience and your assets to lead them forward. But they’re doing it for themselves. So, I encourage you, as leaders, to champion versus mentor, it basically uses your power for good as opposed to what we sometimes end up doing, which is stifling.

Hugh Hochberg, Timestamp: 00:59:27

Roundtable Co-Leaders

Lydia Hummel

Lydia is a design-led change management consultant and founder of LRH212. A passionate advocate for design, she is an innovative business strategist, committed to creating lasting impact for some of the world’s best-known brands including Tiffany & Co., Converse, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Coach. Recognizing the power of design’s generative impact on revenue, Lydia has a proven agency to harness this potential, meet business imperatives and drive sustainable growth.

Hugh Hochberg

Recognized as a pioneering force in management consulting for professional service firms, Hugh credits his success, at least in part, to a short attention span. “I’m interested in a lot of different things. I like change – different people, different firms, different issues. That’s what makes consulting a good fit for me.” After earning a B.S. and a B.Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started his own architecture and planning firm. During an economic downturn, he took the opportunity to go to graduate school – earning an MBA from Harvard. After some time in management roles at design firm, Hugh joined The Coxe Group in 1976, became a partner, and has never left. In his 30-plus years of consulting, Hugh has helped more than 700 professional service firms organize and manage their practices and solve problems in virtually every area of professional practice.

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