Roundtable Review: The Essence of Leadership

On Thu Feb 17th, we joined Brick & Wonder Pro and Council members at Spring Place, NYC for our Roundtable on The Essence of Leadership.

We asked members to share an anecdote exploring what leadership means for them in their own businesses – a leadership success, a failure, or a current leadership they are facing. 

Key Insights

A leadership success story of mine involved rescuing a disastrous project where everyone was about to sue each other. I banned conversational emails and I made the team meet in person for the remainder of the project. People actually became friends and we salvaged the project – nobody sued anyone!


Is leadership always ‘driving the bus’? Maybe there is another definition. Leadership can also be how you make people feel. It can be about bringing out the best in people and giving them space to execute.


A lot of the stories we’re sharing about leadership are really about communication, or the failure to communicate. 


Brick & Wonder members can access a full write up from the session here.


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