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  • By Brick & Wonder
  • February 13, 2022
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By joining Brick & Wonder, you’ve unlocked a community of talented and accomplished peers. Our membership network is designed to bring you together with collaborators you can trust, and with whom you can do your best work. 

How do we make magic happen? The first step is showing up. But beyond simply being present, we encourage you to participate. Strengthen relationships and establish deeper connections by staying engaged and actively involved. Invest in giving generously to colleagues in the community—your energy, your attention, yourself. Your relationships can determine your success; the value of these moments compounds over time.

Your Brick & Wonder network is your pool of advisors, advocates, and supporters. Stay curious. Be open to where connections and ideas lead you. Come on in, the water’s fine.


High five

As you embark on your Brick & Wonder journey, this guide provides a five-point framework to getting the most out of your membership. We pave the way for enriching connections, insights, and ideas when we…

1. Give to receive.
2. Make the first move.
3. Get vulnerable.
4. Embrace an abundance mindset.
5. Break out of the box.

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