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Roundtable Review – On Time, On Budget

On Thursday 7/23 we held our members’ roundtable on Creative Capital, led by founder, investor and advisor Jules Ehrhardt.

  1. Creative

    Creative Capital

    On Thursday 7/23 we held our members' roundtable on Creative Capital, led by founder, investor and advisor Jules Ehrhardt.
  2. A thoughtful introduction results in a joint venture

    An architectural visualization specialist and a RE developer collaborate to unlock a new business model
  3. Brick & Wonder Profile – Maria Camarena

    Growing up in one of Mexico’s creative hubs, Guadalajara, and spending time with her mother’s family in the South of France, Maria...
  4. Design Driven Development

    Design Driven Development

    On June 25th, Brick & Wonder members joined co-leaders Jared Della Valle and Peter Guthrie for our roundtable session on..
  5. Review: Who Gets Hired & Why?

    Review: Hiring Project Teams – Who Gets Hired & Why?

    On Thursday 4th June we held our Workshop Panel Discussion titled Hiring Project Teams – Who Gets Hired & Why? Our..
  6. A Successful Showroom Activation

    DADA Goldberg did a great job with this project. The way we met was really nice and easy. The outcome..
  7. Brick & Wonder Profile – William Lee

    William Lee was sent to college to study computer science. Without telling his parents, he decided to switch majors to classics & ceramics.
  8. Review: Image Secrets

    Review: Image Secrets Roundtable

    Members were invited to share and discuss the challenges they have faced in communicating their company image in the way they want to.
  9. Review: Henrybuilt Finishing Studio Virtual Tour

    Review: Virtual Tour – Henrybuilt Finishing Studio

    Henrybuilt’s exceptional kitchens need little introduction, but their highly refined production process merits understanding in depth....
  10. Review: Innovate or Disappear

    Workshop Review: Innovate or Disappear

    On Thursday 5/14, guests joined our expert panel for a discussion of the Future of Hospitality in the post COVID-19 era. The panel was...
  11. Brick & Wonder Profile – Ty Cole

    Ty Cole is an architectural photographer who works with world renowned architectural firms and advertising agencies to document projects...
  12. Review: Building Technology

    Workshop Review – Building Technology

    Workshop on Building Technology, reviewing a case-study integration project for a 2-building complex amenity space at 101 Warren St in...
  13. A True Collaborative Design

    “It was a wonderful collaboration! Jonathan totally understood me and we were able to influence each other’s work in the..
  14. Review: Telling Your Story

    Workshop Review – Telling Your Story

    On Thursday 4/16, Brick & Wonder members Mark & Tyler from 1504 Studio led a Workshop on Telling Your...
  15. Brick & Wonder Profile: Julia Gamolina

    Julia Gamolina is an architect by training, Strategy Director by day and design entrepreneur by night. We caught up with Julia..
  16. Review: Crisis Real Estate Markets

    Workshop Review – Crisis Real Estate Markets

    On Thursday 4/16, Brick & Wonder hosted a Public Panel Discussion with four leading experts on Real Estate Markets in Crisis.
  17. Client

    Roundtable Review – Client Relations & Retention

    On April 23rd, we held our Client Retention roundtable using a remote Zoom session. The roundtable was...
  18. Brick & Wonder Profile – Amir Karimpour

    Amir Karimpour is co-founder of visualization company, Alden Studios. He’s also a Lecturer at Yale and an Assistant Visiting...
  19. Orion Construction & Painting:
    A Brand Overhaul

    It’s great knowing we have access to a community based on trust. It provides a sense of security with regard..
  20. Review: Crisis Employment & Construction Law

    Workshop Review – Crisis Employment & Construction Law

    On Thursday 4/9, Brick & Wonder members joined our Workshop discussion on the employment and construction law implications of...
  21. Setting Culture

    Roundtable Review – Setting Business Culture

    On March 26th, we held our Setting Business Culture roundtable using a remote Zoom session. The roundtable was...
  22. Review: Deciphering the CARES Act

    Workshop Review – Deciphering The CARES Act

    On Thursday 4/2, a number of Brick & Wonder members joined our Workshop discussion on the COVID-19 relief CARES Act,..