Interior Designer Profile:
Shaun Jackson


Shaun Jackson began her career at prestigious architectural firm, Peter Pennoyer Architects, working alongside some of the finest NeoClassical architects in the city. “There was no better place to work on high end interiors and see the design process than through the lens of such brilliant architects as Peter Pennoyer and Gregory Gilmartin. During my time there I developed a real appreciation of historical architects such as Sir John Soane, the Adams Brothers and Edwin Lutyens.”

Shaun Jackson is no stranger to NeoClassical Grandeur in her projects

A native of California, Jackson found her natural inclination towards modernity and environments that feel fresh melding with the deep knowledge she was building in traditional design. Today she strives to find a unique blend of the past and present in her projects.

Traditional materials like wood and linen meet modern flourishes like the salvaged industrial door in this breezy loft renovation.

Jackson works as both an independent designer and has recently worked in Talbot County on Maryland’s Eastern shore, as part of a local team called Bluepoint Hospitality Group. The group is focused on reviving the local hospitality industry in the coastal town of Easton through a series of development and renovation projects. These include a a coffee shop inspired by an 18th Century ship captain’s quarters, a yoga studio with a Swedish Neo-Classical design flare and a lively gourmet salad bar.

Our goal was to create an updated, inviting environment that was grounded in the traditional spirit of the town.

“The Easton project is extraordinary,” Jackson explained. “We’ve had the opportunity to design a number of distinct businesses, and in doing so have been able to contribute to the character of this historic Eastern Shore town. There is a lot of responsibility in that task. You have the client, town officials and ultimately customers to consider and please. Our goal was to create an updated, inviting environment that was grounded in the traditional spirit of the town. We wanted businesses that would draw people away from their laptops and downtown to eat, shop and mingle so we set out to create a variety of experiences. At first the town was apprehensive about what we were doing, but once they started to see the results they were totally onboard and appreciative of the revitalization we initiated.”

Guided by the highest standards of quality, Executive Chef Harley Peet crafts Sunflowers & Greens salads with the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients

We asked Jackson about the highlights of this kind of creative work. “After months of planning and producing a project when the time finally comes for everything to be assembled it’s like a runners high for me,” she laughed. “I love the orchestration of the install, seeing concepts materialize and a space be transformed. It takes so many people to make a project a success so when you bring it all together there is such a sense of communal joy.”

One aspect of the Easton revitalization that Jackson prides herself on is an ever-growing network of local artisans and tradespeople whose talents bring unique defining touches to each space. “Our millworkers and cabinet-makers employ techniques long ago considered too time consuming, but we insist on these to get details seldom seen in commercial spaces,” said Jackson. “Some of the buildings we are working on date back to the late 18th Century so having our 3rd generation masons preserving the integrity and historic elements of these spaces is critical.”

Blue Mat Yoga, led by Natalie Dent

Countless personalities, ideas, collaborators and partners make their way into each project, but ultimately the Bluepoint group shares a common goal: to bring beautiful venues to Easton that are in keeping with the understated elegance of the community. “ Having worked together now for some time, we have developed a vision and a language we all share and carry from one project to the next,” Jackson reflected.